Not only is he the face behind EXeczema®, Dr Harley Farmer is also the co-founder of NewGenne, a company that began in his kitchen and now supplies leading products around the world. He is also a part-time writer with non-fiction works including What is eczema?: A path to ending the misery and novels such as The Reaper’s Rainbow and The Black Tigress.


Our valued and experienced team at NewGenne possess unrivalled knowledge when it comes to preventing infectious diseases. Thousands of premature deaths arise from hospital infections every year and we believe that most of these deaths are avoidable so we actively work to prevent them. We understand (and teach) the importance of chemical compatibility when using different products for different hygiene tasks and the relevant products in our own range all share the same chemical technology. Our chemically compatible products are widely used in hospitals across the globe and it is very pleasing to see how many people within the sector stand with us.

You can read about NewGenne and our most recent thoughts regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic at www.newgenne.com. No conspiracy theories, just pure science from credible medical sources.

Dr Harley

Dr Harley: Are alcohol-based hand sanitisers playing a significant role in Covid-19 deaths? My preference is to avoid judgement and seek inclusion. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic, some of which do present plausible points. However, I prefer to find a sequence which fits the well-established laws of nature. If such a sequence is plausible to the point of seeming obvious, the need for conspiracy theories diminishes.

In contrast, when writing my novels, I gain great joy from taking a tiny piece of new science and playing with it. Even though I tell myself that they are only stories, I still shudder when re-reading them. They are just too believable. Conveying an expectant and trusting audience on thrilling new journeys is a privilege which brings with it the opportunity to introduce a new message each time.

You can discover more about my background, written works and future prospects at www.dr-harley.com.

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