Eczema Products "I’ve tried everything and nothing works!"

Eczema Products "I’ve tried everything and nothing works!"

“I’ve tried everything and nothing works!”

How often have you heard that said about eczema products? The first part “I’ve tried everything” needs little expansion.

In contrast “nothing works” has at least three meanings:

  1. Everything you’ve tried has failed to work
  2. No product can work
  3. Nothing works.


Number one is self explanatory as it represents the speakers saying how many products they have tried. It includes the “freedom from” products where manufacturers have taken a bad product and removed some of the worst ingredients. We know many people who’ve tried those and still say nothing works. If we are to find hope it must lie in meanings 2 and 3.


We strongly agree with meaning 2 if you add the word “alone” as in no product can work on its own.  When people end their atopic eczema using the EXeczema® program they achieve it by having a mindset change first and then benefiting from wellbeing coaching. Critically the mindset change must occur first as any products they use provide secondary benefit. Without the mindset change they would confirm that “no product can work alone”. For these people who have successfully ended atopic eczema the product did not heal the skin; the skin healed itself when their mindset change induced them to stop applying the irritant.


Meaning 3 is more challenging to most people who are managing atopic eczema. They’ve been taught that “eczema is a lifelong condition” which has left them in a state of learned helplessness. That’s really sad yet generally true. To even infer that they can end eczema within weeks without drugs using nothing on their skin as it heals itself challenges official guidelines.


That becomes interesting when you ask what skin does when someone grazes their knee. It heals itself within weeks without drugs. In that case it’s true that “nothing works” as the skin was left to take its own inherent natural healing path. Nothing was applied and the skin healed itself.


Why does that not happen with atopic eczema? Because we’ve been taught to leave a grazed knee alone whereas we’re taught to apply products to eczema. What if those products which failed to work actually irritate the red itchy skin? If you put an irritant on irritated skin will it stay irritated? Of course it does. That largely explains why eczema “is a lifelong condition”. Yet we regularly show it only keeps going if you keep doing what you have always done.


Yet we need to accommodate the vast majority of people who want to apply something while the skin heals itself. The answer they dream of lies close to the nothing end of the product spectrum. That’s where we began developing our novel products. Since humans are over 70% water and we wanted our products to be compatible with human skin, it made sense to have products which were at least 70% water. Amazingly we were able to push it up to over 90% water!


That’s how the EXeczema® products came into existence. They’re all over 90% water which is why they are so compatible with skin and especially wet itchy eczema skin. Rather than being “free-from” where one or two individual ingredients are removed from something bad, these novel products begin as good pure water and have the absolute minimum added. We call them “minimal” products.


Can they work? The mother of one toddler who became a rapid EXeczema® success said it so well. “He used to scream when it was bath time. Now he asks when he can have his bath.” What an amazing change in their lives. Once they began using these “minimal” products there was nothing to irritate the already irritated red skin. The skin was then able to heal itself. That is the key—the skin healed itself when the cause of eczema irritation was removed.


Take comfort in how many people are ending their eczema using the unique “minimal” EXeczema® products. Eczema skin loves them. Try them to see if you do too.


Most of the people who gain from these minimal products will have gone through the EXeczema® mindset change first. They previously believed “eczema is a lifelong condition”. When they utilised our guidance and learned to EXplain eczema they realised how atopic eczema can be ended within weeks without drugs using wellbeing coaching.


All three EXeczema®  eczema skincare products are based on minimal levels of glycerin.


Foam Skin Wash is used to wash the skin flushing irritants away. Wet the skin, apply some foam, gently rub it in if you want, and rinse it off.

Foam Emollient is diluted Foam Skin Wash so it can be used as a skin wash if desired. It can also be left on to dry allowing the glycerin to hold moisture in the dry skin.

Gel Emollient is thickened with algin from seaweed. It can be applied as often as you like and left to dry. The one essential clue is to ensure the skin is well rinsed at least once a day to remove any irritants which the skin has pushed to the surface under the dried gel.


That’s how so many people have ended eczema within weeks without drugs. The sooner you end eczema the sooner you can stop buying all those other products which did not work. The knowledge you will want is available free of charge on this website. People who want wellbeing coaching support in reaching wonderful skin within weeks without drugs will benefit most from the EXeczema® Full Control Program. The return on investment is amazing and the person gets their life back incredibly quickly.


You can find that program and the three skincare products on
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