How to control eczema

To gain control over eczema seems unlikely if you are battling with eczema. It controls you, your time and a lot of your money. You may even know how it takes over your life. You’ve tried everything and nothing works; the eczema goes on and on. So how can you gain control? Begin with a little hope. Try a simple ‘what if’ game. Read through all these questions as your answer lies in that new hope. What if you learned how to end eczema within weeks without drugs? What if you could control eczema? What if you could then control the skin preventing any flares? What if that means you get your life back? Is that tiny glimmer of new hope worth a little more reading? If so, appreciate that there is a well established association between the words hope and different. If you want to generate hope you will want to do something different. Only then can you achieve something different. In fact the hope arises from learning something different even exists.

Gaining control over eczema is certainly a different outcome.

Knowing that others have taken this path to ending eczema adds to your hope. It all begins with a different thought; just one thought. Since we’re considering a life changing event, let’s be sure we have the basics correct. All you are doing while reading this blog post is a mind exercise. If the outcome of that sits well with you, the next step is to take action. To be more precise, you will take a different action. Yet even that must begin with a single thought; a different thought to all the others you have had. So let’s examine the basis on which you will form that thought. Eczema takes time to manage, regardless of the sufferer’s age. It can take hours of family time every day to manage eczema in a child. Parents often say everyone in the family is affected in many ways. The money it takes becomes insidious and goes on and on. Eczema can go on for life so in addition to taking over your life now imagine how it is going to take over your finances once it becomes really established. It may be doing that already.

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Start Your Journey Out Of Eczema

Eczema is a drain on energy, time, money and hope.

The only thing you can trust it to deliver is misery. So eczema controls you. Then why do we have this page suggesting you gain control over eczema? Because to even think of that requires your mind. That shifted your focus from skin to mind. Focusing on skin as you have been doing has resulted in eczema going on and on controlling you. You have been using the outside view. That made sense as the red patches were on the outside, you applied products to the outside and it’s the itchy outside that was scratched. Yet eczema remains in control when you restrict yourself to the outside view. When your mind is focusing on skin eczema delivers misery. To nurture your growing hope you will want something different. The inside view is obviously different and with different comes hope. At this early stage it’s likely you have yet to enjoy that magical moment when a switch is flicked in your mind. This is the best time to mention it because that switch is there. It has flicked for all those who have gained control over eczema and their lives and become EXeczema® successes. They all invested a little time. Time is critical. Eczema can be ended within weeks which in one respect is very fast when compared to how long it has been in control. However if you are a frantic parent who has lost control over the cause of your child’s misery then weeks is a very long time. As you manage the eczema hour after hour, day after day, to hear it can be controlled within weeks is just too far in the distant. Yes you can read the words and you know it would be nice, but you are under the control of eczema and finding that glimmer of hope, that one thought which will flick your switch, is just too distant. The first bit of good news is that you are still reading. The promise of that new hope is tempting. So far you have accepted, even subconsciously, that others have used that hope to flick their switch. Once you have reached that magical moment, not yet but very soon, you will know why they invested their time. What could they see? What was their inner voice telling them? What had they begun to feel? What had brought them to their own realisation? That a mindset change is the key to gaining control over eczema. The inner view focuses in the mind. Switch to the inner view and you have done something different. With different comes hope. Remember you are wanting to protect and enhance that spark of hope. At this moment the eczema skin will be red and itchy, as it has been for so long. It will stay that way if you remain good at managing eczema. You know now that’s a polite way of saying that to manage eczema is to maintain eczema.

End Eczema with the full control program

The hope comes from knowing you have a mental switch. It all begins with a thought.

It really is that simple. All that complexity which arises from the outside view is real. And it’s available to you should you want to stay with the outside view—if you want eczema to remain in control. You are well on your way if you have begun to hope this page is revealing a new thought in your mind. On your journey to EXeczema® success you will be leaving the skin to heal itself. It does that when a knee is grazed which proves the skin knows how to heal itself. Your role is to allow that to happen in the eczema patches. You have all that experience of applying products to the red itchy eczema and you know that ensures the eczema remains in control. Now you may be ready to apply your efforts to a mental switch. If you are ready, you will like the words of Bethan Amblin, the first EXeczema® success. “I have been cured from the mindset of ‘this will never go away’” Bethan has kindly shared her story in the book Eczema. The inside view. It’s a short book which takes very little time to read. Knowing how busy some frantic parents are she has cleverly inserted numerous graphics so you can skim the book and still gain the gist. Keep in mind that while you are believing you can not invest that time, eczema will control you. For you to gain control over eczema you will want to come to your own realisation that you want to invest some time. Your choice is simple; find a little time now to gain control over eczema or commit to finding far more time over the coming weeks, months and possibly years. It’s your time and you can now control where you want to invest it. What will be your return on investment? You gain time, keep money and get your life back. That is a fantastic return on investment; all within weeks. If you are ready, then the Full Control Program guarantees success. To put it another way, if it turns out you were not ready we give your money back. When you are ready you will be welcome again. Within weeks of reading this you could be looking at how well the eczematous skin has healed itself. How will you feel then?