Eczema Prevention is better than an Eczema Cure

Prevention is better than cure — it’s also easier, much cheaper and saves a lot of misery

We know prevention is better than cure so why do we ignore it?

Perhaps eczema provides a good example. It often begins with a simple area of dry skin which then turns in to a rash. We generally apply moisturiser to dry skin, but what most of us don’t realise is that this can be the first mistake. Applying this moisturiser can actually lead to becoming caught in the eczema trap which I call Product Maintained Dermatitis. The clue is in the first two words — Product Maintained. Something caused the initial skin rash so prevention is already failing. When product applied to the rash turns it into eczema, doctors offer more products to manage the inflamed skin. Ironically doctors say there is no cure for eczema. So here prevention has been ignored, a minor imbalance in the skin develops into a skin rash and subsequent products turn that into eczema which the doctors then treat with more products that maintain eczema. That really is an imbalance when they’re ignoring both prevention and cure!

All those products didn't end the eczema so I ask if we can end the products? Remember it’s Product Maintained Dermatitis so when you eliminate the product there’s nothing to maintain the dermatitis. Then the skin heals itself so no cure is needed. That natural balance is the basis of the EXeczema® full control program. Prevention shows you care and many people benefit.


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