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The Full Control Program

The Full Control Program

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EXeczema® - The Full Control Program is a digital learning program from eczema expert Dr Harley.


What’s Included:

Digital learning with 7 videos that will give you a full explanation of eczema. This information will help you change the way you view eczema and allow you to make new choices. This change will allow you to finally end the misery of eczema without drugs.

28 days digital coaching, Dr Harley will support you daily through your journey to eczema freedom.

We also include the recipe for our irritant-FREE Skincare Liquid so that you will never need to buy Eczema cream again.

The true key to controlling eczema is knowledge, this program provides the knowledge and support need to gain control of eczema.

End Eczema - We Guarantee it!

We prefer to work with people who share our values, commitment and passion for ending eczema but we understand that not everyone will be ready to follow the program and end their eczema.

If after gaining the knowledge, YOU decide not to follow the program to end your eczema, we will happily refund you the cost of this program.

We can offer the knowledge and support but YOU will end your eczema.

This is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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