What is eczema - Can it be cured

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a very common condition which has been plaguing people of all ages for many years. There are numerous ‘working level’ definitions of eczema yet there seems to be a lack of agreement regarding the condition.

An example of one of these definitions is in the Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary - Eczema n. a common itchy skin disease characterised by reddening (erythema) and vesicle formation, which may lead to weeping and crusting. It is endogenous, or constitutional, i.e. outside agents do not play a primary role (compare dermatitis), but in some contexts the terms ‘dermatitis’ and ‘eczema’ are used interchangeably. 

Dr. Harley Farmer offers a new definition at a higher level: Eczema is a state of confusion about red skin. He offers that definition as it helps people appreciate that it's fine to be confused over eczema, many of the experts are, so you can relax a little if you are too. There is so much written and so many different views about eczema that it’s good to start with this clear definition.

If you are reading this website, it's possible that you are so tired of the misery of eczema that you are looking for new choices, a new hope. Dr Harley's short definition is the start to providing that new hope.

Why is eczema so common?

If the skin feels it is being challenged by the chemicals in skincare products being used, then it can only react with a skin rash. This inflammation is a tool used by the immune system to expel these chemicals and foreign materials from the body. If left alone to heal itself, the skin will return to normal. However, the further use of such products can progress the rash into eczema.

Eczema is so common because the use of such products is so common.

What triggers eczema?

The first step is often a patch of dry skin onto which an irritant is applied. The irritant can be something as simple as a moisturiser. To determine whether a product is an irritant, simply see whether the skin becomes red after a few days of the product being applied. As Dr. Harley likes to say, “if the skin does not like it, the skin does not like it”.

Once that irritant cycle is established, other factors like allergens such as pollen, house dust mites, moulds and pet fur can advance the simple irritant reaction to asthma. That is what they call the Atopic March. Once the process has moved from being a simple irritant reaction in the skin to involving antibodies throughout the body it all becomes far more complicated.

For most people most of the time, eczema is triggered by irritant products being applied to dry skin.

Can eczema be cured?

We are certainly not allowed to say on this website that we can cure or end your eczema and nor would we want to. There are no creams or drugs that can make that claim either.

The simple truth is that the only way to end eczema is for the skin to heal itself!

How can I end my eczema?

You may be finding this annoyingly repetitive, but under UK law we are NOT ALLOWED to answer that on this website as a helpful answer would be construed by the authorities as a medical claim. In stead we would suggest asking a different question, one that we can answer.

How can I help my skin heal itself?

Simple, by taking a different view.

By using KNOWLEDGE, PSYCHOLOGY, WELL BEING COACHING & SUPPORT, EXeczema can help you to help your skin heal itself and end the misery of eczema.

How does the EXeczema® work?

The EXeczema full control program has three parts:

  • Knowledge – Part 1 will EXplain eczema in a new and different way.
  • Support – Our 28 day digital coaching program will support you along your path to eczema freedom.
  • Irritant-FREE skincare products – We include the recipe so that you can make your own skincare liquid and gel that cleanse and moisturise the skin as it heals.

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The EX in EXeczema® comes from the first two letters of EXplain, so as you would expect the first part of the EXeczema full control program is to EXplain eczema. This 90-minute course made up of 7 videos in which we will share the evidence lurking deep in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

This is not some super-secret knowledge; the same evidence is available to the medical team advising you on eczema. You might like to wonder why they have not shared the pertinent details with you already? If they have, we applaud them as you will probably have ended the eczema under their medical supervision. If they haven’t shared it, we invite you to come to your own realisation on why they would want to keep if from you.

The good news is that Atopic Eczema can be explained down to the level of molecules in skin cells in eczema patches. Every step of why and how eczema happens is described in the medical literature. It is available for anyone to read and interpret. There may be more which is not published and is being held secret, yet there is simply no need to contemplate such a conspiracy theory. Everything about eczema is in the public domain, even if it is hard to find.

We have dug deep to find it and taken the relevant medical evidence, the proven facts, and put them in a logical sequence. And we share it in the EXeczema® full control program.

When you have that knowledge, you can help your skin and you can take control of eczema. You can then decide whether you want to keep managing the eczema or do something more constructive like remove the cause. None of the evidence is bewildering or complex as we present it in video form.

Everything you need in order to choose whether you want to manage and maintain your eczema or make the change and move on from it is included in the full control program.

Part Two, Support: After learning this new knowledge and deciding to move on from eczema, we will be there with you for the first 28 days of your journey out of eczema. Using email, Dr. Harley will coach and support you. By using psychology and wellbeing techniques he will help you change your mindset and the way you view eczema.

The third part of EXeczema® is to help you to stop the future irritation of your skin. We have created a range of special and very gentle skincare products marketed and sold under the Cosmetics Regulations and their purpose is to cleanse the skin and moisturise the skin, these are available from our online shop if you live in the UK. If you live outside the UK or are happy to make your own, we include the recipe for the skin wash and gel as part of the full control program.

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