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How Bad Is Your Eczema?

It is estimated that over 10% of the population suffers from some level of eczema, what is less known is the number of people that suffer from severe eczema.

At EXeczema we help people with all levels of eczema, many of these sufferers under estimate the severity of their eczema.

Product maintained dermatitis (eczema) very rarely stays at a constant level, the products that help maintain the eczema can often lead to an increase in its severity.

Scoring your eczema has two main benefits:

  • Allows you to know the severity of your eczema.
  • Give you a base line that allows you to measure the success or failure of any treatment.


Our eczema calculator is free to use as many times as you wish, just fill in the form and we will email you your score.

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The EXeczema eczema score is based on the POEM — Patient Oriented Eczema Measure tool created by the University of Nottingham.

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