Eczema Success Stories from EXeczema customers

A parent's journey to understanding their child's eczema is what leads to the ability to take control of it. Here are just some of our parents telling their EXeczema eczema success stories, and how they and their children have been able to leave eczema behind... Inspiring, isn't it?!

Kath Amblin - EXeczema eczema success story

Kath's daughter Bethan was suffering from eczema, and had a routine of applying medical creams, wrapping, and all the usual eczema treatments commonly available. Nothing seemed to help, until they met Doctor Harley, founder of EXeczema at an eczema support group. After meeting with Harley, he supported them all the way through their EXeczema journey, arming Kath with the knowledge she needed to try something new. After just weeks of following the program, they discovered Bethan's beautiful, natural skin for the first time...

Andrew Bentley - EXeczema eczema success story

Andrew's son was recently diagnosed with eczema and was suffering from dry, itchy skin. They went down the usual recommended treatment route - but nothing seemed to help. Then, Andrew discovered the EXeczema program, which changed everything for them...

Cathy & James - EXeczema eczema success story

All of a sudden eczema was everywhere – The Cream routine, a mother’s misery of eczema.

Phili & Barnaby - EXeczema eczema success story

Phili talks about Barnaby’s eczema. She asks “why do we spend all this money on creams if they are clearly not doing anything”

Sophie & Sienna - EXeczema eczema success story

Baby Eczema - Mum tells how she ended her daughter's eczema