Why is eczema so common?

Have you ever wondered why eczema is so common? Here’s a clue to the answer, try counting the number of ingredients in many skincare products. They’re listed on the label and it can be 15, 20 or even more! Some ingredients are fine, but if the skin feels it’s being challenged with too many chemicals it can only react with a skin rash. That’s the warning sign and further use of such products progresses the rash to eczema. The skin is doing the right thing to protect the person against the chemical challenge. The chemicals are the problem; the inflammation is the correct protection response. Simple, wouldn’t you agree? Certain commonly used ingredients are cited in the medical literature as being unsuitable for use in skincare products, which raises a question. You might wonder if companies using those ingredients care about people suffering from their products?

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A happy balance

Skin should be in happy balance. Upsetting the balance upsets the skin and a sign of upset skin is red inflammation. One choice is to stop the inflammation with drugs like steroids. However, when you stop the steroids more inflammation should be expected if the cause of the imbalance is still there. The eczema goes on. Another choice is to correct the imbalance. When you stop the imbalance the skin has no reason for inflammation. A simple choice.

No cure for Eczema

Eczema often divides eczema sufferers or the parents of children with eczema from medical professionals providing advice on how to manage eczema. The eczema sufferers or parents can become very frustrated when they're told there is no cure. Many of these eczema sufferers & carers go on to seek alternative advice which is probably why you are here now. Dr Harley suffered with eczema for years until he trained as a pathologist many decades ago. As part of this training he learned how diseases occur & learned a lot of useful and relevant knowledge. No cure was available to him back then so he decided to think differently about eczema, by using the knowledge he had gained to create the EXeczema® program and end his eczema. Perhaps we would all benefit form thinking of eczema in a different way.

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