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Dr Harley Farmer

1 to 1 Eczema Consultation with Dr Harley Farmer

1 to 1 Eczema Consultation with Dr Harley Farmer

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Eczema = Hopelessness

For many people suffering with eczema, the feeling of hopelessness can take over their entire lives. They are constantly told that there is no cure and their suffering continues. It is an ongoing cycle of new creams, diet changes and treatments leaving them simply living Eczema rather than their lives.

A different approach that brings HOPE

Dr Harley has been helping people end their eczema for years. His tried and tested approach starts with learning about the causes of eczema. By ending the causes of eczema, such as stress and irritants, your skin can naturally heel its self.

POEM Eczema Score

As the first part of the consultation we will require you to complete the POEM eczema score form if you have not already done so. We will also require you to email with at least two photos of your eczema.


The consultation will take place by video and will last for 15 minutes.

Step 1: We will grant access to our video introduction.

Step 2: Complete the POEM eczema score form and email photos.

Step 3: Book your slot via the online calendar link.

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