Parents of children with eczema

We understand how hopeless it can feel, when you have tried so many medicines and remedies to combat your child’s eczema. We know first hand how lonely and hopeless it can make you feel, when nothing seems to help. That’s why we do what we do – to help those children and their families to finally gain control over eczema. We can help you and your child end eczema in under 28 days with drugs. Understanding eczema is the first step to ending eczema, at EXeczema, we explain eczema. Once you truly understand how eczema works, what triggers it, and how you can respond to these triggers, you will then gain control over the eczema.  We look at eczema differently and by treating eczema differently, you and your child can achieve a different eczema outcome. The knowledge you will gain from our site, books and program will actually be relevant to people of all ages who suffer with eczema. However, our expertise and experience has so far been targeted towards parents of pre-teens with eczema. See some of our eczema success stories. With One in five children suffer from eczema, we know how long it will take to reach and help all the children and families with eczema. That is why we also offer an eczema based wellbeing program for schools. This can help all children and teachers to understand eczema, improving empathy and awareness, reducing bullying, and enabling children to take control of their eczema in a positive, proactive way. If you are interested in us delivering a wellbeing workshop in your child’s school, or feel free to share the link below with the school. You can find out more about the eczema schools programme here. See our shop where you can find our range of natural skin washes and emollients. We are also here to support you through the process, and can offer help and advice at any time in your journey with us.