Eczema in Schools

We understand that the wellbeing of pupils, staff and their families is of utmost importance to schools. Wellbeing programmes are a route which allows us to nurture the whole child, providing life long benefits in overall health, relationships, work life and so much more. These positive benefits can spread through the local community, influencing entire families.  Some benefits of wellbeing programmes in schools:
  • Improves academic performance
  • Improves social integration and teamwork
  • Improves behaviour
  • Reduces bullying
  • Improves teacher’s ability to teach different concepts, interact more affectively with students, and avoid burnout

Children with eczema

The Execzema Wellbeing Workshops:

One in five school children now live with eczema, and we need to enable them to meet their full potential, thriving in school just like any other pupil. Parents of children with eczema may have added concerns about their child starting school, so offering this kind of support can be extremely comforting and helpful to families. We deliver a comprehensive wellbeing program, which focuses on eczema, yet includes every child in the school; not just eczema sufferers.  Our wellbeing workshops include:
  • Explaining eczema in an engaging way to pupils (and teachers!)
  • Giving eczema sufferers the knowledge they need to take control of their condition
  • Enabling non-eczema sufferers to understand & support their fellow students who have eczema
  • Allowing all pupils to be creative, working as a team on a project to help them explain eczema to their families
  • This project could involve pupils creating a presentation, a short film, a play, or something else
  • We also offer continued support to families of children who have eczema
Please contact us to find out more, or to see how we can make a positive impact on wellbeing in your school. Need more confidence? The foreword in our book, 'What is eczema? A path to ending the misery', was provided by Professor Terence Ryan, a world-renowned dermatologist who was the Professor of Dermatology at Oxford for many years. That book only went public after Professor Ryan was happy with the contents.

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