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It’s Time to Take Control Over Eczema


We understand how hopeless it can feel, when you have tried so many medicines and remedies to combat your child’s eczema. We know first hand how lonely and hopeless it can make you feel, when nothing seems to help. That’s why we do what we do – to help those children and their families to finally gain control over eczema. We can help you and your child.

Our Explain Eczema programme does just that – it explains eczema. Once you truly understand how eczema works, what triggers it, and how you can respond to these triggers, you will then gain control over the eczema. 

We explain eczema via a series of short videos. Once you have gone through these video steps, you will then gain access to our online store, where you can find our range of natural skin washes and emollients. We are also here to support you through the process, and can offer help and advice at any time in your journey with us.

It’s time to take control over eczema…

Explain Eczema

For Parents EXeczema

Eczema Awareness for Your Child’s School

One in five children suffer from eczema. As well as helping children and families with eczema, we also offer an eczema based wellbeing programme in schools. This can help all children and teachers to understand eczema, improving empathy and awareness, reducing bullying, and enabling children to take control of their eczema in a positive, proactive way.

You can find out more about the programme here. Please contact us if you are interested in us delivering a wellbeing workshop in your child’s school, or feel free to share this link with the school. We are happy to help in any way we can.

For Schools

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What is Explain Eczema?

Explain Eczema is a digital programme containing 7 video steps and a digital copy of Dr Harley’s book: What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery.

What do I have to gain from Explain Eczema?

There are millions of eczema sufferers worldwide, and yet rarely people understand the condition. Shockingly, eczema has never been explained to these sufferers or parents of the sufferers. Our aim is to Explain Eczema! After you have completed the 7 digital steps, you will have the understanding of what causes eczema and the knowledge to prevent it.

Why pre-teens only?

The knowledge shared in Explain Eczema is actually relevant to all ages of people with eczema. However our expertise is best suited to parents of pre-teens with eczema so we direct teenagers and adults to specialist skin clinics.

How do I access the Explain Eczema steps again?

You will have full access to all the steps once you have purchased the Explain Eczema programme. To do this, you need to click on the Explain Eczema page. These will only be visible when you are logged into your personal account, which you will be asked to create prior to purchasing. The steps will stay accessible to you to refer back to once you have completed the course.

How do I access the Shop?

The shop will be located on the top navigation bar next to the Explain Eczema button. The shop page will only become visible once you have completed all steps of the Explain Eczema programme and only when you are logged into your personal account. Once you have completed the steps the shop will always be available to access through your account via the right hand side navigation bar at the top of the screen.

How long does it take to view the videos?

Under 90 minutes is all it takes to watch all the videos. In that time you will become highly knowledgable about eczema and be able to Explain Eczema yourself. The longest video is 23 minutes as we appreciate parents of children with eczema can have a shortage of available time.