The EXeczema® Referral Program

The EXeczema® Referral Program

Atopic Eczema is the most common form of eczema and, although it may develop in adults for the first time, it is more common in children, often developing before their first birthday.


At EXeczema®, it is our aim, via the EXeczema® program, to end Atopic Eczema in 7.5 million pre-teens before 2025. Our main skill set is psychology and we see this as the most effective tool we can use when guiding the parents of children with Atopic Eczema on their choices when considering this skin condition. Through our new digital learning product - Explain Eczema, we’ve pioneered a way of sharing medical facts from peer-reviewed medical articles with these parents - facts they haven’t been shown before. With this information, parents of children with Atopic Eczema are able to gain a new knowledge and understanding of their child’s individual eczema, and come to a realisation about what is actually causing and maintaining this form of dermatitis. Once this knowledge and understanding is obtained, these parents will then have a choice to continue as they are, or to implement their new knowledge and do something different. In Explain Eczema, we actively stress that physical skincare products are not required and that a different outcome can arise from the knowledge and understanding that these parents have gained about their child’s eczema and skin. At this stage, our aim to end Atopic Eczema in 7.5 million pre-teens before 2025 is simply an intention and a lot of work needs to be done before this. Our main task at present is to determine which clinics want to take on the teenagers and adults we currently have on our books. We are seeking dermatology and skincare clinics who will take on eczema sufferers over the age of 12 through our Client Referral Program. 

Client Referral Program

Pre-teens rarely have other skin conditions compounding their eczema which is why finding and removing the cause of this condition has understandably proven to be an effective way of allowing the skin to heal and produce healthy, natural skin. In contrast, teenagers and adults suffering from eczema often do have other skin conditions which we are simply not equipped to address. These conditions can require expertise in dermatology and that makes it crucial for us to direct these individuals to specialist clinics. Teenagers and adults with eczema can also purchase Explain Eczema and gain valuable knowledge from this content. In the event that an additional skin complaint becomes apparent when these individuals move on from eczema, we make it clear that it would be more beneficial to them to have their eczema explained by a specialist - which is why we need your assistance.

Free Eczema Guide from EXeczema - Written By Dr Harley Farmer

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Will you take on our teenage and adult eczema patients? If you would like to take on these clients, please visit and contact us on For further information about our Client Referral Program, EXeczema® and our new digital learning product - Explain Eczema, please get in touch.
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