Explain Coronavirus and Explain Eczema – Dr Harley Farmer 2020

Explain Coronavirus and Explain Eczema – Dr Harley Farmer 2020

Explain Coronavirus is a very common search term. There are three simple aspects to explain: 
  • A virus is a tiny invisible infectious particle that gains entry to certain cells and forces the cells to make more virus. 
  • The Corona part of the name arises from the spikes on the virus which reminded people of crowns. When coronaviruses leave the infected cell they steal some of the cell coat to cover themselves to hide from the immune system.
  • To inactivate the Covid-19 coronavirus you can either change the key shape on the spikes so they can’t attach to the next cell OR dissolve that covering coat. Either will do it. 

Alcohol hand sanitisers may be aiding Covid-19

As a professional experienced in defeating such viruses I ask whether alcohol hand sanitisers may be helping this virus kill people. The cells the virus wants to attack and enter are defended by an outer layer of mucous. One way to weaken that mucous defence is to waft solvent vapour over the cell. Alcohol vapours from the sanitisers are solvent vapours and users certainly breath them in. Virus leaving one infected cell would find it much easier to enter nearby cells with weakened defences. This is especially important in hospital Covid-19 wards.

Alcohol hand sanitisers are affecting children’s hands

Another unfortunate aspect of alcohol hand sanitisers is how they are affecting the hands of children. So many children now have red dried patches on their hands because of the alcohol. Those changes will easily advance to Atopic Eczema if certain commonly used moisturisers and emollients are applied to the affected areas. Eczema can become very expensive for parents and causes intense misery for affected children, often with bullying. 

Explain Eczema

If any of this sounds familiar and you would like to learn how other parents have achieved wonderful skin goals, see our Explain Eczema page. Explain Eczema is a digital learning program that shows parents how they can abruptly stop that progression from irritation to eczema. In Explain Eczema you will see medical evidence of how eczema begins and what keeps it going. The knowledge gained allows you to remove the cause so the skin can heal itself. No drugs are needed once you know how to stop it happening.

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