In the EXeczema Travel Kit you will receive;

  • One 50ml Foam Skin Wash
  • One 50ml Foam Emollient
  • Pack of 15 All Purpose Sensitive Wipes

These are the cosmetic cleansing and moisturising products that led to the EXeczema® success story.  It is now being made available to all who want to learn what is causing the eczema and consider moving on.

  • Foam Emollient is a new generation of moisturiser. It is a very gentle foaming skin cleanser with glycerin added to moisturise.
  • Our gentle Foam Skin Wash can be used as a hand wash, all over body wash & face wash.
  • A real multipurpose wet wipe designed for use on the most sensitive skin

EXeczema Travel Kit is ideal for use on the go, or for those travelling with young ones! All products included are suitable for :

  • Frequent use.
  • Safe for all skin types and ages.
  • Clear liquid free from colour and fragrance.
  • Dual-use.

We enjoy leading people to freedom from needless skin complaints which means providing confidence through knowledge.  Knowledge allows people to avoid causing damage to their skin allowing the skin to fix itself.  We guide people to a pleasant future, so if you want that security, this kit is probably what you want.

EXeczema® Travel Kit