Why The Best Eczema Cream Available Is Probably Right Within Your Grasp

Why The Best Eczema Cream Available Is Probably Right Within Your Grasp

by Dr. Harley Farmer, Ph.D  


In the UK alone, between five and ten per cent of the population is estimated to be (or have been) affected by an eczema flare-up at some point in the last two years. That’s between about three-and-a-half to six-and-a-half million people!   Upon a flare-up, most people will try lots of things to deal with this, making the eczema cream and treatment market a significantly large one.    After all, our skin is, by its very nature, the main “organ'' anyone sees of us. In fact, your skin is the largest organ in your body – and thereby one of its most complex and fine-tuned.   But, with all this competition for eczema creams that claim to end flare-ups – which eczema cream actually is the best one on the market?  

The true, unbiased answer to that question may just surprise you – read on to find out what we found might be the best eczema cream.   Hint: it's one you've definitely never tried.  


What Do You Want The Best Eczema Cream To Do For You?  


The superlative of “best eczema cream” will, quite naturally, depend on what you want to achieve with an eczema cream. In short, what can be said is: if you want more of the same, then plenty of creams will do that!   But, if you or others have said, “I've tried everything and yet nothing works,” then perhaps that's the only clue you need.   Applying eczema creams can often lead to the Eczema Cream Trap – a situation in which your skin, or treatment plan, becomes dependent on an eczema cream, or even one in which that cream is maintaining a state of eczema.  

The reasons for this are intuitive when one considers that most eczema creams really serve to moisturise. They moisturise an area through topical means and abate some symptoms.   So, the better question might be: how do we actually end eczema within weeks without drugs or creams?  


What Even The “Best” Eczema Creams Can't Do   


When we've helped people EXplain eczema to themselves – that is, to understand this external viewpoint and shift their mindset – we've seen dramatically improved eczema outcomes.  

When people learn why the “best eczema cream'' can be irritating their skin and how they can shift their viewpoint to one that isn't cream-centric, we see the skin actually heals itself without this irritation.   Let's consider steroid creams, for example. The steroid inside a cream stops the redness or inflammation you see. Once that wears off, the cream keeps the area irritated and you find yourself using the cream again just days later.  

In essence, applying more of the eczema cream tends to give you more eczema. By contrast, applying no eczema creams leads to a slower, yet more sustainable natural clearing of the area's inflammation.   The best eczema cream, as it turns out, is no eczema cream.  


Breaking The Eczema Cream Trap  


Perhaps you may be content to move from one cream to another. If so, the “best eczema cream” will vary as your skin varies. But for those who are really looking for an alternative, proven solution to try, I recommend something different.    Instead, perhaps you might like to let the skin heal itself? Within weeks, and without drugs. No dependencies or pharmacies, just you and the proven science of changing your mindset.   After all, what comes from the inside should likely be treated with something from within you.   Sounds bizarre, doesn't it? Read on to discover why your skin's natural "cream" is possibly the best treatment at your disposal.  


Why Does This No-Cream Eczema Treatment Work?  


In the EXeczema® program, you learn all the mechanics behind why the aforementioned eczema trap happens.   That information is power. The power to gain the choice of doing something different the next time you have a trigger – of achieving some other, better result than always searching for the next best eczema cream.   Doing something different and the hope of improvement can go together – as I’ve seen many times through participants in the program.   When the skin heals there is simply no need for an eczema cream. This leads to a virtuous cycle whereby an irritated area doesn't become more irritated by a cream, no dependency is developed, and people get their lives back.

The cost, quite simply, is some time spent changing your mindset so as to react differently the next time you have a flare-up – but it might just lead to one of the last eczema flare-ups you ever have!   And that’s why your mindset can be your best eczema cream and your best treatment path forward. As I've said before: “Dermatology led you to red, itchy skin; psychology will guide you to wonderful skin.” --  


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