Why Is My Eczema Worse In The Winter

Why Is My Eczema Worse In The Winter?

Here in the UK, the winter months typically bring colder temperatures, harsher weather conditions and less sunlight, all of which can have a negative impact on our skin, particularly for those with eczema. Are these the only factors and why is my eczema worse in the winter?

Dry Skin

The most common trigger of eczema involves an irritant being applied to dry skin - the irritant can be anything from a simple moisturiser to a prescribed steroid cream. So, let’s think about what is causing the skin to dry out. For many eczema sufferers, other skin conditions and allergies can cause dry skin. For others, dry skin can occur due to the wintery conditions, and also much more preventable causes, including soaking in hot water and overheating their homes in the winter months - central heating reduces humidity, drying the skin and making it itchy.

How To Avoid Dry Skin

For most people, dry skin can be avoided by protecting it and keeping it moisturised. For example, by wearing gloves, washing in warm water with gentle, alcohol-free products and moisturising with a gentle, alcohol-free emollient. EXeczema®’s water-based product range, including a skin wash and an emollient, is perfectly suitable for all ages and skin types. Unfortunately, many individuals with eczema find it almost impossible to prevent their skin from drying out and cracking. What’s important then, is that the damaged skin is allowed to heal without being irritated by the strong products which can be used - often through medical advice - to manage eczema. Something that we share in our 7-step digital learning program, Explain Eczema, is how ‘manage’ can actually mean ‘maintain’.

Explain Eczema

Explain Eczema was created by the face behind EXeczema®: Dr Harley Farmer. Dr Harley uses a series of videos to share his own experiences - having suffered with severe eczema himself and overcome it - and medical facts from peer-reviewed medical articles. It takes just 90 minutes to completely Explain Eczema which is the first part of your digital program. Remember, the skin replaces itself every month and, when allowed to do so with the sole use of kind and gentle products, a healthy, natural and beautiful outcome can be achieved. Gain valuable knowledge and a new understanding about eczema and the skin, with EXeczema®.


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