Who Can Help At Wembley?

Who Can Help At Wembley?

In my recent blog, I left you with the question of who could be causing the fifty thousand babies on the grass? To put it in context, Atopic Eczema is diagnosed in 140,000 babies in their first year of life in the UK every year. Put one of them into each seat in the huge Wembley Stadium and you will be left with fifty thousand babies on the grass. Who might be responsible? The list can be daunting, so I would like to direct your efforts to a new question.

Who could help us prevent the next batch of fifty thousand babies on the grass?

Could it be:
  • The Health Secretary, currently Matt Hancock? He’s in charge of healthcare and employs a huge number of medical people,
  • Registered dermatologists who help with some of the most severe cases, or perhaps
  • Family doctors, general practitioners, as they see the babies with red itchy skin.

If they can help, why have they not done so already?

Because nobody has explained Atopic Eczema to them in a way that would allow them to prevent the next wave of eczema babies. Now that has changed. The new digital product called Explain Eczema was created for parents of children with eczema. It uses proven medical facts to help parents understand what is happening in their child’s red itchy skin. Facts they have not been told before. That knowledge presents them with a new choice:
  • Continue doing what they have been doing and see the skin remain inflamed, or do something different and watch the skin heal itself.
  • Perhaps the people most likely to prevent the next batch of fifty thousand babies on the grass will be parents who gain that knowledge and first achieve the goal of having their own child’s skin heal itself. Those parents will then influence other parents.

Explain Eczema Program

So, who can prevent fifty thousand babies on the grass happening again? You can if your child currently has eczema and you see the few medical facts you haven’t been shown. Visit execzema where we you can find the Explain Eczema Program.

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