Life After Eczema

Life After Eczema

One question - is there light at the end of this miserable tunnel? The answer is yes - there is life after eczema.

If you have been suffering from recurring bouts of eczema, then you may be feeling helpless, fed up and suffering from low mood. We understand - many of us have been there and you are not alone. When following a new approach to eczema, you can finally take control over it and regain your life. Don't just take our word for it - listen to a smart young girl who has turned her life around. 16 year old Bethan started her EXeczema® journey when she was just a young child. She was suffering from eczema which was leading to sleepless nights, scratching and bleeding. Her mother Kath was feeling helpless and noticed that the prescribed methods of managing eczema were ongoing. Kath continued to struggle with Bethan's eczema, until a chance meeting with Dr.Harley Farmer at an eczema support group. He discussed how his EXeczema® programme works, and EXplained eczema to her in a way she hadn't heard before. This gave her a new, positive outlook on the condition and a new way to really take control over her daughter's eczema! Kath realised the creams, the steroids, the wet wrapping - endless methods to manage eczema were in fact unknowingly maintaining the eczema. After enrolling onto the EXeczema® programme, Kath started to see a dramatic difference in her daughter Bethan. The itching subsided, the redness reduced and then the dry skin cleared up. Soon, on a sunny Summer's day, Kath noticed something different about Bethan - she had freckles! Freckles on her beautiful soft skin, just as nature had intended. No creams with harmful ingredients, no wet wrapping at night, just using natural products with no harsh side effects or repercussions. Kath had learned to let Bethan's skin heal itself - and it did. 

Where is Bethan now?

This year, Kath contacted Dr. Harley to enquire about work experience for Bethan. She informed us that she was asking us because of a very special reason - Bethan wants to become a doctor. Inspired by her journey through eczema, Bethan wants to help others. Now, aged 16 and still eczema-free, Bethan is in the process of an amazing new venture to write a book based on her experience with eczema. Still at school and writing her first book - now that's inspiring! She has a lot to share and the book is very much in her style. Keep your eyes peeled for this new book, which is on its way to you in the near future. It will give you hope, and a new way of seeing eczema, probably for the first time. If you'd like to take control of eczema, please feel free to browse the EXeczema® range today or contact us if you have any questions.

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