How to end my eczema

How to end my eczema

We always love to hear from our customers so when Corrinna from South Devon sent us this email we just had to share it.

"Firstly I want to start this email with a thank you 

I came across you as I was desperately searching for some help on how to end my eczema. I watched your YouTube video and it just made sense to me and gave me hope.

I ordered the book and again everything you were saying was sensible.

My history I have had eczema as a baby but my skin was ok through teen years and early 20’s. I had my first child at 23 and so personal trauma and since then my skin has taken over. I have been under the dermatologist since 23 years old and have tried every medication/creams available. This includes many emollients, steroid cream up to potent levels, steroid tablets and then moving on to immunosuppressant drugs, methotrexate, cyclosporine to name a few. All these drugs worked to a point in their time but each had a life span or the side effects were too much to deal with long term.

I had another pregnancy in my 40th year and all during the pregnancy I had no flare up and was discharged from the dermatologist. Approx. 6 months after my baby was born the eczema raised its ugly head again.

At this time I felt so frustrated and as a loss of what to do, due to covid the waiting list for any dermatologist was over a year wait so I decided to do something different. I did some research and there was lots about gut health and more natural products which I started to undertake (spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds) I cut lots of different foods out my diet and took gut health products after 2 months there was no change and I was back in the pattern of steroid cream for 3 days cleared up not used for 2 days flare up again and the cycle continued. 

I felt I was at the last resort and felt very low and tired, I was at the point where I was going to pay privately for a dermatologist and to go back on the immunosuppressant drugs when I came across you.

I ordered your wash and gel and got in the right frame of mind I really needed this to work. After the first week my family thought I was mad as my skin looked so bad, but for me I was back in control and felt ok although my skin was very itchy and sore. Week 2 came the dryness but still I felt in control and had faith, by week 4 my skin was amazing soft and smooth and it looked about 10 years younger lol.

I now have just received my second bottle of wash and gel and I am in such a better place. My eczema hasn’t gone I still have it and have some days where it isn’t so good (probability related to work stress) but I know what to do and am completely in control.   I am so grateful to you and think you are amazing, thank you for your research and company you are changing life’s.

I am passing your name and company to anyone who listens so they to can gain from your knowledge too."

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