Food, Drink, Allergies And Eczema

Food, Drink, Allergies And Eczema

What people swallow can affect their skin. Many individuals will have come to their own realisations that certain foodstuffs will upset the balance and induce skin inflammation. Some may have even been told this by a family doctor, GP or other medical professional. The list of possible food allergens is as diverse as the people who react to them and when addressing the association between food, drink, allergies and eczema, you should consider more than just the skin - think of the whole human, too!


Here at EXeczema®, we work with Nature to remove imbalance and bring health and happiness to people across the globe. These individuals are all too familiar with sensitive, eczema-prone skin and the misery that is associated with Atopic Eczema. The skin is an excellent judge. If there is no reaction from the skin in response to the consumption of food or drink, that’s great - enjoy! However, if the skin becomes inflamed when something has been swallowed, this should not be ignored and the cause of that inflammation should definitely be investigated.

A Balanced Diet

We are all encouraged to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet made up of a variety of foods in the right proportions. If you wish to stay as close to a natural balance as possible, eat foods that are natural, wholesome and unprocessed - just as Nature made them! Unfortunately, that advice may not be as helpful to some as it is for others, and peanuts are a good example of this. For individuals with severe allergies to peanuts, these natural, wholesome and unprocessed legumes are potentially very dangerous and must obviously be avoided. Fortunately, there are many other suitable foods out there. Remember, if swallowing particular foods results in your skin becoming inflamed, don’t swallow them!

Balance Brings Health And Happiness

A happy and healthy person who is in balance with their diet is more likely to be in balance with their skin. “Everything should be taken in moderation, especially moderation” is what EXeczema®’s Dr Harley Farmer likes to say in response to this issue. In due course, he intends to write about the relationship between eczema and the food items that can make it worse. Until then, you should follow the well-trusted advice of enjoying a balanced diet.

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