Fifty Thousand Babies On The Grass

Fifty Thousand Babies On The Grass

“Fifty thousand babies on the grass” is a rallying cry of those wondering who is causing the epidemic of eczema among our babies. Atopic Eczema is diagnosed in the first year of life for 20% of our babies. In the UK that’s 140,000 news cases every year. Most people find it really hard visualising that number so try this: Imagine Wembley Stadium in London, the huge national stadium with all those tens of thousands of red seats.

Babies diagnosed with eczema every year could fill Wembley Stadium, and more...

If you put one of the babies in each of those seats, you would be left with fifty thousand babies on the grass. That’s a frightening image which sticks in people’s minds.  And it’s happening every year. So before you can put any year’s new babies in, you have to shift the babies from the previous year. And so it goes on. The result is over a million pre-teen children with Atopic Eczema in the UK at any time. Parents have a right to ask who is causing the “fifty thousand babies on the grass”? Discuss it with your friends and family. Seek their views on who is likely to be responsible. The image is very strong and it has been happening every year this century. Be incensed and build up a good head of steam. However before you take drastic actions, consider the question I will be asking in my next post. In this aspect 2020 is going to bring some really good news, at last. Contact Dr Harley to find out more.

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