Explaining Eczema With Dr Harley

Explaining Eczema With Dr Harley

If you have or know somebody with eczema then EXeczema are here to help you.

Can You Explain Atopic Eczema?

If somebody was to ask you, at this instant, to explain Atopic Eczema, would there be some gaps in your knowledge? Believe me, with family doctors, GPs and most dermatologists, the answer is usually a resounding “YES”. Yet, after completing our digital learning program: Explain Eczema, you could be able to explain eczema yourself and to your family, friends and to those doctors who are very kindly helping you manage this skin condition.

Explain Eczema

Throughout Explain Eczema part of the program, I use a series of videos where I share my experiences of having controlled eczema all my life. I used to suffer very badly from eczema on my face and chest but I’m now in a much better place and I’ve been there for many, many years. Through these videos, I share medical facts - facts that have not been shared with the public, most doctors and GPs, and many dermatologists. Accompanying these facts are references from medical journals.

Full Support

Our Full Control Program also comes with 28 days digital coaching, Dr Harley will support you daily through your journey to eczema freedom.

Check The References

If you’re one of those people who likes to know that everything you take on board and use is genuine and true, then go and check these references. If you’re a medical professional who is realising that what you’re seeing here is something you could use to the benefit of your patients with eczema, then I suggest you should go and check these references. By doing this, you can practice your skills with your patients in full confidence that what you’re learning here, and what you’ll be sharing then, is the real thing.

Difference Brings Hope

Within two hours, you will gain the skills in order to explain eczema which means you will be able to identify the cause of eczema very easily. Once you know the cause, you can decide whether you want to continue to manage eczema, or do something different - we all know that difference brings hope. In this short time, you could be building on that hope to become an EXeczema® success. Imagine all the misery and the wasted time and expense you could leave behind you as soon as you can Explain Eczema. I’m Dr Harley and I’ll be with you throughout the entire process.

Free Eczema Guide from EXeczema - Written By Dr Harley Farmer

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