EXeczema® clinical trials set to begin in private dermatology clinics

EXeczema® clinical trials set to begin in private dermatology clinics

We are sharing many EXeczema® success stories with dermatologists nationwide and many are becoming interested in EXeczema®, with a number asking to trial the products in their own clinics.

How does EXeczema® work?

The EX in EXeczema® derives from the first two letters in EXplain. So EXeczema is a tool to EXplain eczema. Why is this useful? If you or someone you are caring for has ever asked the medical team to explain eczema, what did they say? Did they provide sufficient useful information for you to establish the cause of eczema and discuss what might happen if you removed the cause? If not, you might want to wonder why, as the information you need is readily available in the published medical literature. We don't allocate valuable time to espousing conspiracy theories, yet it is very easy to see why they abound in the eczema field. After all, someone must be gaining something from the horrendously high incidence of Atopic Eczema in our children. There are two parts to the EXeczema® program.
  1. The first is knowledge which allows people to see what is causing eczema. That allows them to decide whether to keep doing what they have been doing while the eczema is active, or do something different to remove the cause.
  2. The second is skincare products specifically designed to be very gentle on skin which is healing itself. These are cosmetic products used to cleanse and moisturise the skin.
In essence, when people learn what products are causing the eczema and choose to stop using those products, the cause is gone. The affected skin then has a chance to heal itself. That is what skin does when the cause of a problem is removed. It's that simple. The recent interest shown from dermatologists and other experts in the EXeczema® range is excellent news for all who suffer from eczema. One of the key questions relates to the cause; Is Atopic Eczema Iatrogenic? which means is it caused by medical treatment? The evidence shared in the EXeczema® knowledge suggests yes, it is. This induced Dr Harley to introduce the phrase Product Maintained Dermatitis. When you stop using the Product there is nothing to Maintain the Dermatitis leaving the skin to do what it does best, become balanced and healthy.

Great news for eczema sufferers

If the skin goes red when a product is applied for several days, you can say the skin does not like it. If you keep applying that product to the red area the area will stay red. If you stop applying that product there is a chance the skin can heal itself. No cure is needed when you just stop applying the product the skin does not like.

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