Eczema: Do Something Different

Eczema Treatment: Do Something Different

Atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) can affect children and adults in many different ways but one particular symptom that all sufferers share is the misery. Here in the UK, the four seasons can often have a negative impact on individuals with eczema, with the winter cold, spring pollen, summer heat or the autumnal change in temperature all able to trigger a flare-up. What is your instinctive reaction when you experience a flare-up? Do you apply products to your itchy skin? Are these products that have been prescribed by your doctor to manage your eczema? Do something different and end the misery.

Explain Eczema

We all know that difference brings hope and a different eczema treatment can lead to a different eczema outcome. Our digital learning program, Explain Eczema, enables you to do something different and, ultimately, achieve a more desirable outcome. Although designed for the parents of pre-teens with atopic eczema, with the aim of having them come to their own realisation that the products they are applying to their child’s red skin are the problem, the valuable knowledge and medical facts that we share in Explain Eczema are also very useful to teenage and adult eczema sufferers. Despite being helpful to these individuals, we make it clear that it would be more beneficial for teenage and adult eczema patients to have their eczema explained by a medical expert and in a specialist setting - this is because there are additional skin complaints that may become apparent once their eczema is no longer an issue. It’s for this reason that we are actively appealing to dermatologists. Part 1 of our full control program, Explain Eczema contains 7 video steps. 

Do Something Different


Free Eczema Guide from EXeczema - Written By Dr Harley Farmer

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