Eczema in Children

Eczema in Children

Eczema is a general term for a number of chronic skin conditions caused by inflammation. It has been estimated that  1.4 million pre-teen children suffer from the condition in the UK alone. The most common type of eczema is Atopic Eczema (AE) which is also called Atopic Dermatitis (AD). AE affects up to 20% of children in affluent societies worldwide and recent data shows that its prevalence is increasing, especially in countries with rapidly developing economies. The current treatments available at best achieve symptom control, rather than a cure. Due to this, there is a strong need and calling to identify alternatives for disease prevention.

Looking after a child with Eczema

Eczema can cause great stress as well as huge discomfort for anyone, making daily life a real challenge. For children, it can have a substantial impact on participation in activities, and in some cases even school attendance and exam results. Parents of a child with eczema may worry whether or not they are doing everything that can be done for their child. Going out in public during a flare-up can be difficult due to your child’s irritation and insecurities, but parents can also worry if they may be judged by others - Why is it so bad? Is it not managed? Have they sought medical attention? Bathing and moisturising with gentle and effective products, to managing the environment and ensuring they wear breathable clothing are just some aspects of a rigorous skin treatment regime practised by parents. Adjustments to family lifestyle along with financial and social costs all contribute to what can be a stressful, frustrating and at times overwhelming experience.

Explaining Eczema in children

Eczema in children is something that Dr Harley Farmer is determined to address by providing parents with logical presentations of complex medical evidence. EXeczema® includes a range of cosmetic skincare products to cleanse and moisturise skin as it heals. Dr Harley has developed those products over many years while working closely with parents who were tired of doing the same old things which basically maintained their child's eczema. Many of those parents have shared their appreciation of his efforts in his book What Is Eczema? To find out more about EXeczema®, click here to get in touch today. 

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