There’s no doubting how different the start of 2021 has been to previous years and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcomed the new year during what is a pivotal time in the fight against this coronavirus and its new variant. On the 4th January, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced another national lockdown tough enough to contain this rapidly spreading variant of the COVID-19 virus.

It’s crucial that we are all continuing to do our bit by following the measures in place, protecting the most vulnerable and the NHS, and helping to save lives.

The Skin Can Become Irritated By Strong Hygiene Products

Ensuring proper hygiene practices, both personal and environmental, is an effective way to prevent infection. However, many individuals have found that the strong hygiene products we’re being encouraged to use, including hand sanitisers, are irritating the skin and, for some sufferers of Atopic Dermatitis, triggering an eczema flare-up.

Use An Efficient And Gentle Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisers and other hygiene products that are much more gentle and just as effective are readily available, including NewGenne®’s Foam Hand Rub which is used in hospitals and other clinical and medical settings across the globe. Justifiably popular amongst healthcare workers, eczema sufferers and many other individuals, NewGenne®’s alcohol-free Foam Hand Rub is kind enough for the most sensitive skin and passes the EN 14476 test, demonstrating that it kills membrane-bound viruses, like the COVID-19 coronavirus, and is extremely efficient when it comes to safely sanitising hands.

Maintain Happy And Healthy Skin As You Stay Safe And Help To Save Lives

Skin should be in happy balance and, when practicing good hygiene, you should avoid strong products that can irritate the skin. If your skin becomes inflamed after you have applied a particular product, be aware that this is a natural protective response and a warning sign that further application of such products could lead to product-maintained dermatitis. To avoid this eczema trap, simply use water-based products, like those produced by NewGenne®, which are gentle enough for premature babies. Such kind products allow damaged skin to heal naturally which is why NewGenne® ‘s industry-leading range of versatile and chemically compatible hygiene products – which you can access on their online shop – is so well-loved amongst eczema sufferers.

Can You Explain Eczema?

If someone was to ask you to explain eczema, would there be some gaps in your knowledge? Fear not, most family doctors, GPs and dermatologists would admit the same.

In EXeczema®’s digital learning programme: Explain Eczema, you will learn what is happening in the skin when unwelcome products are applied – this could be anything from a hand sanitiser to a moisturiser.

Download Explain Eczema Today For Just £49

Once you have seen the medical facts – validated by their references from medical journals – and gained a new, valuable knowledge and understanding about eczema and the skin, you will be able to explain eczema yourself, and to others.

You can learn more about EXeczema® and Explain Eczema on our website. Please contact us for more information or with any questions you may have.

If you would like to read about NewGenne®, the hygiene products they produce and supply around the world, and their efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, click here.