The EXeczema intro pack contains:

  • What is eczema? A path to ending the misery - 2nd Edition
  • One 250ml Gel Emollient
  • One 500ml Foam Skin Wash
  • A leaflet explaining eczema including the most relevant medical evidence articles
  • An instruction sheet which allows for maximum benefit.

Usually £42.50 when bought separately!

Products may not look the same as in the product photo. 

This is an ‘EXeczema intro’ pack because once you’ve used it properly you can gain control over eczema within weeks.  The key lies in the book which teaches people a little more about skin, allowing them to decide if they are ready to consider moving on from eczema.  Skin replaces itself every month and if you learn how to avoid damaging the replacement skin cells, they’ll all join up and make normal skin.

EXeczema means EXplaining eczema. Many people ask us "why the doctors won't explain eczema?" We can't answer that for each doctor yet we can provide all the medical evidence required to fully explain it.

We enjoy leading people to freedom from needless skin complaints which means providing confidence through knowledge.  When that knowledge allows people to avoid damaging skin it's remarkable how the skin can heal itself.  We work to the future, so if you want that security, this pack is probably what you want.

EXeczema® Intro Pack