In the EXeczema® Follow-on pack you will receive;

  • One 500ml Foam Skin Wash
  • One 250ml Gel Emollient

The EX in EXeczema derives from the first two letters in EXplain.  It's EXplaining eczema. Once eczema has been explained many people come to the realisation of what is causing the eczema. That knowledge allows them to decide whether they want to continue using the cause or stop and do something different. It's the difference which delivers hope.

This pack is the most economic way to have these 500ml and 250ml products once you have completed the EXplain Eczema programme and are comfortable with your understanding and control of eczema. These are simply cosmetic cleansing and moisturising products for use on any skin type. Even greater economy is found in having the 2L versions of both so you can refill these containers to save plastic. That's part of the way we work with Nature.

We enjoy guiding people to freedom from needless skin complaints providing confidence through knowledge.    The knowledge allows people to stop causing damage to their skin which sets the scene for the skin to fix itself.  We work to the future, so if you want that security, this pack will help you gain what you want.

EXeczema® Follow-on Pack