Eczema. The inside view reveals why you benefit by opting to see it as a mental health condition. Then you can utilise standard wellbeing coaching processes to end it within weeks without drugs.  You cease to need an eczema cure when the skin heals itself. The inside view is a fresh, scientifically supported, evidence based, perspective.

That's why this book is being called the eczema sensation.

If you have issues with prolonged eczema, consider what the traditional outside view has been doing for you. It has to be said the outside view has validity:

  • the red itchy skin is on the outside
  • you apply products to the outside
  • we scratch the outside
  • eczema persists while you focus on the outside
  • everyone searches for an eczema cure for the outside.

Even though it's valid, the outside view leads to the learned helplessness of believing eczema can not be cured.

If you are seeking a different outcome you will want to do something different. That might alert you to how something different happens when you choose to consider the inside view. It is different and hope comes from doing something different. The hope actually derives from knowing something different even exists and is becoming such a sensation.

Bethan Amblin uses her own story of how a simple mindset change allowed her to escape severe eczema and remain in control for the subsequent 10 years. She is still a schoolgirl and aspires to studying medicine so she can help others escape the misery within weeks without drugs. She explains eczema allowing people to realise there is another choice, the choice of letting the skin heal itself. Once you can explain eczema you will appreciate why that is such a profound and valid statement. https://execzema.com/explain-eczema-3/

Put another way, who do you know who can explain eczema? Has your medical support team ever explained it to you? If not, perhaps they could benefit from reading this sensation too.

Bethan's uniquely flowing style makes it easy reading. For those how dislike text she has inserted sufficient graphics for them to get the gist without needing to read all the words. It is a very inclusive book.

Ingredients: Wisdom from one young enough to see clearly.

Eczema. The inside view. Your counter to an eczema cure