The time and money spent managing eczema can vary from person to person. One thing that eczema sufferers tend to have in common is the misery they experience and this is also endured by the parents of children with eczema and the carers of eczema patients too.

Here at EXeczema®, we work with evidence-based facts to Explain Eczema to these individuals. When they are ready, we help them to work with Nature to achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

Product-Maintained Dermatitis

Because the word eczema leads to so much confusion, try replacing it with “product-maintained dermatitis” – a term first introduced by EXeczema®’s Dr Harley Farmer.

To include a couple of evidence-based facts, mineral oils make the skin more porous. As do steroids. Both of which, as a result, allow foreign chemicals to penetrate the skin barrier to induce irritant inflammation.

Why is this relevant? The drugs most commonly used to manage eczema contain mineral oils and/or steroids. This evidence has been known for years, yet such products are still being recommended and prescribed.

The Skin Replaces Itself Every Month

If you have been applying a product to eczema for over a month and the eczema is still present, it is wise to assume that the product is involved in maintaining the dermatitis, even if it is from a trusted brand or has been prescribed by a doctor.

The generation time for replacement skin cells is 1 month. If you allow the skin to heal itself, it will do just that. Keep the skin cleansed with a gentle, water-based product like EXeczema®’s Foam Skin Wash and moisturised with the kind and effective likes of EXeczema®’s Gel Emollient. Our products are so gentle that they are perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, eczema-prone skin. They are also suitable for those of all ages, including premature babies.

By solely using appropriate products, like those featured in the EXeczema® range, you will prevent any irritant inflammation and enable the skin to do what it does best – make healthy skin!

What Is Eczema?

Are you prepared to do something different in order to achieve a much more positive outcome?

Download our 7-step digital programme, Explain Eczema, today – by following the instructions here – and learn to explain eczema yourself and to others. Included in Explain Eczema, is a digital copy of Dr Harley Farmer’s must-read book: What is eczema? A path to ending the misery.

What is eczema?… is packed full of evidence-based facts, with references from peer-reviewed medical articles listed in the appendix.

Remember, if the skin reacts to a product, stop using that product as it may maintain the eczema.

You can read more on the EXeczema® website and please get in touch for further information or with any concerns you may have.