Some ingredients are fine, but if the skin feels it’s being challenged with too many chemicals it can only react with a skin rash. That’s the warning sign and further use of such products progresses the rash to eczema. The skin is doing the right thing to protect the person against the chemical challenge. The chemicals are the problem; the inflammation is the correct protection response. Simple, wouldn’t you agree?

Certain commonly used ingredients are cited in the medical literature as being unsuitable for use in skincare products, which raises a question. You might wonder if companies using those ingredients care about people suffering from their products?

A happy balance

Skin should be in happy balance. Upsetting the balance upsets the skin and a sign of upset skin is red inflammation. One choice is to stop the inflammation with drugs like steroids. However, when you stop the steroids more inflammation should be expected if the cause of the imbalance is still there. The eczema goes on. Another choice is to correct the imbalance. When you stop the imbalance the skin has no reason for inflammation. A simple choice.

No cure

Eczema often divides parents of children with eczema from medical professionals providing advice on how to manage eczema. The parents can become very frustrated when they’re told there is no cure. Many of those parents seek alternative advice.

The irony is that the vast majority of children grow out of eczema. Perhaps we would all benefit form thinking of eczema in a different way.

I ended my years of eczema decades ago when I trained as a pathologist and learned how diseases occur. No cure was available to me and this happy outcome arose because I learned a lot of useful and relevant knowledge. How I used that knowledge resulted in the EXeczema® programme.

3 clues and 7 medical articles

In the leaflet providing the 3 clues and 7 medical references you will see three examples where the KNOWLEDGE shared resulted in a change in the eczema. Download the  leaflet here. Some of the medical articles are quite new so the evidence revealed was not available to doctors last century. It is now! If you know a doctor who is not utilising this new evidence, you might want to ask if they wish to see it. If they don’t want to, you have various options relating to their professional competence. Somebody is inducing all those 50,000 babies on the grass.  If they do want to see it then provide them with the leaflet or give us their contact details and we will provide a leaflet.

Many doctors would LOVE to have something different to offer against eczema. We can discuss with doctors, in private and in professional confidence, the things we are not allowed to present here. Doctors have the training and skills to determine whether the patient stories we can share with them, stories the people involved have given us permission to share, are likely to help them end the eczema in their patients.

The law says members of the lay public might be misled by the same patient stories which is why we can not provide them all here.

That’s why it’s so helpful when you present the leaflet to doctors you know and trust. They can then decide whether we need to keep having so many new babies on the grass. We hold the romantic view that very few doctors will actually want eczema to continue and every year play their part in another 50,000 babies on the grass. So share our confidence and spread the leaflets.

Success stories

In early 2020 the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) acted on a complaint that we were making a medical claim by suggesting the EXeczema® programme, which covers both knowledge and cosmetic skincare products, can end eczema and prevent it coming back. For those who like to check these things it was reference A19-1043453.

The ASA chose to take the complaint direct to a formal investigation. They had the option of a less onerous ‘cease and desist’ letter but opted for the far more serious formal investigation. We are a very small family-owned company and can’t afford to be repeatedly defending ourselves against things like this. Complainants can keep making complaints and as a much heralded conspiracy theory goes, there are some very large companies out there selling products while the rest of us have to wonder why we have a new set of 50,000 babies on the grass every year. We certainly can’t afford to be repeatedly defending ourselves as that would kill the EXeczema® campaign before it gained global momentum.

So, in agreement with the ASA, we chose to take down the website cited by the complainant.

At the same time I chose to alter the text on this website to ensure that complainant could not continue waisting time. Someone is apparently unhappy that we’re pointing out someone is generating 50,000 babies on the grass every year. I doubt it is the ASA. However they must do what they are directed to do and my best option is to ensure they are in the position of being able to dismiss spurious complaints.

As a result of that, we are now only sharing success cases on this site where it is obvious the person is saying the benefit came from us EXplaining eczema. The EX in EXeczema. The knowledge we are allowed to reveal and share is the knowledge which makes the real difference.

When the keen dermatologists generate their own EXeczema® success stories following their clinical trials, they will publish the results. That will give the EXeczema® campaign a medical seal of approval and we will be able to share many more success stories.

The mantle of medical credibility will allow the medical profession to say eczema can be ended in weeks without the use of drugs. That will open the floodgates allowing us to share many more stories.

We would like to apologise for the delay but we respect the law and I like to help the law enforcers do their job. Rather than accepting 50,000 babies on the grass every year, let’s all aim for NO babies on the grass. To achieve that we will all need to do something different. Sharing more success stories in due course will help you see something different.