What is Eczema?

Since you are reading this website it’s possible you know as much about eczema as anyone. Please bear with us while we bring people new to eczema up to your level of knowledge and understanding.

Eczema is a very common condition which has been plaguing people for many years. There are numerous ‘working level’ definitions of eczema yet there seems to be a lack of agreement regarding the condition. An example of one of these definitions is in the Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary – Eczema n. a common itchy skin disease characterised by reddening (erythema) and vesicle formation, which may lead to weeping and crusting. It is endogenous, or constitutional, i.e. outside agents do not play a primary role (compare dermatitis), but in some contexts the terms ‘dermatitis’ and ‘eczema’ are used interchangeably.

Dr Harley Farmer offers a new definition at a higher level: Eczema is a state of confusion about red skin. He offers that definition as it helps people appreciate that it’s fine to be confused over eczema. The experts are so you can relax a little if you are too. A difference may arise if you are reading this website because you are so tired of eczema that you are looking for new choices. Dr Harley’s new short definition provides hope.

How many people have eczema in the UK?

It’s generally accepted that ten percent of the population have eczema at any one time. That is over 5 million.

However it’s equally accepted that 20% of babies are diagnosed with Atopic Eczema in the first year of life. That’s about 140,000 new UK baby cases every year. To put that into perspective, imagine Wembley Stadium with all those thousands of red seats. If you put one of these babies in each seat you would be left with fifty thousand babies on the grass!

That deplorable realisation is why Dr Harley began the EXeczema® campaign. How wonderful would it be if we could prevent these vulnerable babies from developing the misery of eczema? The law DOES allow us to ask that question. However it DOES NOT allow us to suggest eczema can be prevented. Keep Wembley Stadium in mind while you imagine the 50,000 babies on the grass. Throughout this website you will see repeated references to “50,000 babies on the grass”. It is used to reinforce why we as the public need to be so concerned. This should not have been allowed to happen and certainly can’t be allowed to continue.

We need to do something different to provide hope. The EXeczema® campaign is different and provides that hope.

How many people have eczema worldwide?

The only complete answer is too many. Part of the reason it’s so hard to quantify is that several very large nations have developing economies with an ever increasing number of people having disposable income for the first time. When they use that new income to purchase skincare products associated with eczema, they also develop eczema. We consider the number is too huge to contemplate. However if you want you can do the sums. In any affluent population it’s said to be 10% of the overall population and 20% of children. That’s too many so let’s do something about it.

Why is eczema so common?

If the skin feels it is being challenged by the chemicals in skincare products being used, then it can only react with a skin rash. This inflammation is a tool used by the immune system to expel these chemicals and foreign materials from the body. If left alone to heal itself, the skin will return to normal. However, the further use of such products progresses the rash into eczema.

Eczema is so common because the use of such products is so common. It is where the products are used which leads to eczema.

What triggers eczema?

The first step is often a patch of dry skin onto which an irritant is applied. The irritant can be something as simple as a moisturiser. To determine whether a product is an irritant, simply see whether the skin becomes red after a few days of the product being applied. As Dr Harley likes to say, “if the skin does not like it, the skin does not like it”.

Once that irritant cycle is established, other factors like allergens such as pollen, house dust mites, moulds and pet fur can advance the simple irritant reaction to asthma. That is what they call the Atopic March. Once the process has moved from being a simple irritant reaction in the skin to involving antibodies throughout the body it all becomes far more complicated.

For most people most of the time, eczema is triggered by irritant products being applied to dry skin.

Can eczema be cured?

We are certainly not allowed to say so on this website. Nor can we say eczema can be ended.

All we can do is ask you to be patient while our results are being replicated by dermatologists who will publish their results in a medical journal. Then we will be able to provide a more positive answer here. Sorry about that, for now.

How can I end my eczema?

You may be finding this annoyingly repetitive, but under UK law we are NOT ALLOWED to answer that on this website as a helpful answer would be construed by the authorities as a medical claim. It would mean a suggestion that eczema can be ended. We are not allowed to express any opinion which is not currently expressed by the medical profession.

Which leaves us suggesting you should ask your family doctor, your GP, for an answer to this question. Or ask your Dermatologist if the eczema is so serious you have been granted access to a Dermatologist. There’s a fair chance you’ve tired that and are left with the need to keep asking the question. 

At the moment the medical profession is saying all you can do is manage your eczema. They are not offering a view on how you can end your eczema. But remain hopeful and read the next bit.

How does the EXeczema® work?

It has two parts which work together:

  • knowledge and
  • skincare products that cleanse and moisturise the skin as it heals.

The EX in EXeczema® comes from EX-plaining eczema. That we are allowed to do. We share the evidence lurking deep in the peer-reviewed medical literature. That is the same evidence available to the medical team advising you on eczema. So you might like to wonder if they have shared the pertinent details with you already? If they have, we applaud them as you will probably have ended the eczema under their medical supervision. If they haven’t shared it, we invite you to come to your own realisation on why they would want to keep if from you.

The good news is that Atopic Eczema can be explained down to the level of molecules in skin cells in eczema patches. Every step of why and how eczema happens is described in the medical literature. It is available for anyone to read and interpret. There may be more which is not published and is being held secret, yet there is simply no need to contemplate such a conspiracy theory. Everything about eczema is in the public domain, even if it is hard to find.

We have dug deep to find it and taken the relevant medical evidence, the proven facts, and put them in a logical sequence. And we share it in the EXeczema® campaign.

When you have that knowledge you are in control of eczema. You can then decide whether you want to keep managing the eczema or do something more constructive like remove the cause. None of the evidence is bewildering and complex when presented in a readable form.

Everything you need in order to choose whether you want to manage eczema or move on from it is in the medical literature and it is summarised in the EXeczema® knowledge material.

The second part of EXeczema® is the special and very gentle skincare products we provide. We are allowed to do that as long as we make it VERY clear that the products are marketed and sold under the Cosmetics Regulations and their purpose is to cleanse the skin and moisturise the skin. As long as that is made very clear we can develop, advertise and sell those products to be used in conjunction with the EXeczema® knowledge.

We CAN NOT imply in any way that those products, when used in conjunction with your new knowledge, will allow you to end your eczema or prevent eczema. That is the law. Sorry about that.

So have fun. If you want to be in control of eczema you can. The KNOWLEDGE is the key to ending eczema. That KNOWLEDGE is the basis of EXeczema® and we share it with anyone who wants it. If people want to use the very gentle skincare products we have created to cleanse and moisturise the skin while it is healing itself from eczema, they may.

That includes the medical profession. We are working with dermatologists who are keen to conduct publishable trials on the EXeczema® programme using both the knowledge and products. That will result in our good eczema outcomes being duplicated and published in the medical literature. When that happens we will be allowed to say eczema can be ended within weeks without drugs. Until then we are not allowed to say that on this website, so we won’t say it. For now all we can do is share our successes with dermatologists and wait for them to show the same to their fellow professionals.

Soon we believe the medical profession will have the evidence to state that eczema can be ended within weeks using knowledge and certain simple cosmetic skincare products. Without the knowledge the skincare products can’t do it. With the knowledge those products cleanse and moisturise the skin while it is healing itself of eczema.

Since you have read this far, you deserve a little reward for persistence! There is actually a third part to the EXeczema® campaign. I, that’s Dr Harley Farmer, am in the process of publishing my next novel, The Black Tigress. As you already know I can be a bit wordy. As you can probably imagine, in the decades I’ve been speaking with people battling against eczema I have heard a lot of conspiracy theories being voiced. Things like someone must be making a lot of money if they are going to the trouble of maintaining eczema at its current level. Who is benefitting from those 50,000 babies on the grass? The list of proposed culprits is interesting and there are many reasons why these conspiracy theories are flourishing.

As a highly qualified person, I would never use conspiracy theories in my professional work. In stark contrast, I make very good use of them in my novels! 

The Black Tigress is about a lot more than eczema. It’s a thriller and I really hope the nasty people I create in the tense parts of the story do not exist. If they do I’m in very real danger. The novel is a standalone thriller and many readers probably won’t notice the relevance of the story to eczema. However people combatting eczema will find a lot of wisdom woven into the story. 

If you are interested in The Black Tigress, please let us know. It will be released first as an electronic copy available from the shop on this site. It will probably then appear in Amazon Kindle format and then in soft back.

This is the fun part of EXeczema® and I hope you enjoy The Black Tigress.