Prevention is better than cure — it’s also easier, much cheaper and saves a lot of misery.

We know prevention is better than cure, so why do we ignore it?

Eczema provides a good example. It often begins with a simple area of dry skin. We generally apply moisturiser to dry skin, but what most of us don’t realise is that this can be the first mistake. Applying this moisturiser can actually lead to Product Maintained Dermatitis. When this turns into eczema, we are usually prescribed products such as steroid creams to manage the inflamed skin. 

However, if you eliminate the ‘product’ from the Product Maintained Dermatitis, the dermatitis can no longer be maintained – allowing the skin to heal itself. So, no ‘cure’ for eczema is needed. 

This natural balance is how people use the knowledge taught in the EXeczema® programme to remove the cause of their eczema. The skin can then heal itself as skin is prone to do when the cause of a problem is removed. During that self-healing process you are likely to find comfort in using the cosmetic EXeczema® products to cleanse and moisturise the skin.

There are many people who’d been told they would always have eczema. Now they’re living lives in balance with beautiful skin. Everyone has the right to enjoy having healthy skin, and we are here to support and guide you through this process.

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Dr Harley’s Values


That’s what I’ve inherently done all my life. I cared about others; especially for those I felt were not being adequately cared for by the establishment.


I have a weakness in that I trust people. Very rarely I’m proven wrong yet I’ve always preferred to keep doing it.


I spend a lot of time examining the options and having decided which is most beneficial, I grasp it with confidence and conviction.


I had no inherent desire to lead anyone. Then someone asked me a piercing question. “If I was going my way anyway, was it my concern if others chose to follow?” I battled with that one for some time until I realised I was favouring another word.


So much energy is wasted in being exclusive. If our values align, let’s combine our resources.

About eczema

Eczema is a very common condition which has been plaguing people for many years. There are numerous ‘working level’ definitions of eczema yet there seems to be a lack of agreement regarding the condition.

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Why is eczema so common?

Have you ever wondered why eczema is so common? Try counting the number of ingredients in many skincare products. They’re listed on the label and it can be 15, 20 or even more!

Some are fine, but if the skin feels it’s being challenged with too many chemicals it can only react with a skin rash. That’s the warning sign and further use of such products progresses the rash to eczema. The skin is doing the right thing to protect the person against the chemical challenge.

The chemicals are the problem; the inflammation is the correct protection response. Simple, wouldn’t you agree?

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About Dr Harley

I was raised in the Australian outback where you learn to keep everything in balance if you wanted to live. It’s a harsh environment where prevention is better, safer and easier than cure. One way or another, that environment can kill you if you fail to prevent; and it has a lot of choices ranging from massive crocodiles to huge deserts to lethal snakes and spiders! You learned to care for those around you so everyone stays alert and alive.

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