What is Explain Eczema?

Explain Eczema is a digital programme containing 7 video steps and a digital copy of Dr Harley’s book: What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery.

What do I have to gain from Explain Eczema?

There are millions of eczema sufferers worldwide, and yet rarely people understand the condition. Shockingly, eczema has never been explained to these sufferers or parents of the sufferers. Our aim is to Explain Eczema! After you have completed the 7 digital steps, you will have the understanding of what causes eczema and the knowledge to prevent it.

What is included in the 7 steps of Explain Eczema?

Step 1:A brief introduction from a young mother whose child benefitted when she had eczema explained.

Step 2:Dr Harley explains the evidence-based sequence which leads to Atopic Eczema. This step is combined with medical references.

Step 3:A slide presentation in which you see why the skin reacts to certain products with inflammation. This inflammation is called eczema.

Step 4:Download a digital copy of Dr Harley’s book: What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery. The book includes a review of the medical literature so that you can be confident it’s based on medical evidence, plus many success stories. The video aspect to this step is Dr Harley guiding you through his book.

Step 5:You are guided through a fantastic Strategic Visioning exercise.

Step 6:A summary in which Dr Harley explains why you should not use his skincare or any products from his shop unless you can explain eczema. He makes sure you know why knowledge is the key!

Step 7:Closing supportive comments.

Watch a video and find out more here