How the EXeczema Programme Works:

Explain Eczema EXeczema

In the UK, 20% of children are affected by eczema. How much money are the parents of these children spending on eczema each month, let alone each year?

Explain Eczema is our digital learning programme and is designed for these parents. For just £95, the parents of children with atopic eczema will have eczema explained to them for the very first time. With this new knowledge and understanding of their child’s eczema and skin, these parents are ultimately able to explain eczema themselves. This valuable knowledge is obtainable for a simply incomparable cost. You will also receive a product pack which includes Doctor Harley’s book ‘What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery’, information leaflets, 500ml bottle of Execzema Skin Wash and 250ml bottle of Execzema Emollient Gel.