Eczema can be an extremely debilitating condition to live with, not only can the physical discomfort be intense enough to make sleeping at night difficult, but it can also consume your thoughts, hindering your ability to create relationships and breeding feelings of anxiety.

People who suffer from eczema often report that it can be a lonely and isolating condition, especially if they feel like they have nobody to talk to about it. However, this does not have to be the case – you may be surprised to hear that one in ten people suffer from eczema, so you are not alone!

Around the world, people are starting to understand their eczema more and more each day. From here, they are slowly learning how to control it and gradually developing an understanding of what it means to have healthy skin. Following professional advice, such as that given by EXeczema®, has proven to be extremely useful for people who suffer from eczema – not only does this allow them to understand their eczema in more detail than ever before, but it also provides them with the knowledge that they need to manage and control it.

Treating eczema doesn’t have to involve lots of fancy serums, products or ointments, instead, we recommend that you learn what causes or triggers your eczema. Once you have identified your trigger, you can work to remove it from your day-to-day life so your skin will have no reason to become red or itchy, and you can start to live with healthier skin!

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is often mistaken as being a skin condition but it actually describes a group of skin conditions that cause dry, itchy and irritated skin. There are numerous types of eczema, however, Atopic Eczema is the most common of these. Atopic Eczema is usually more common in children, often developing before infants reach the age of 1. It may also appear for the first time during adulthood.

You’ll know if you have eczema as you are likely to suffer from flare-ups of dry and itchy skin. In some severe cases, you can potentially experience widespread inflammation all over the body. People with Atopic Eczema have usually had stints in which the symptoms are less visible or not apparent whatsoever, and these will normally be followed by flare-ups.

It is impossible to narrow down the cause of eczema to one particular thing as it is widely considered to be attributable to multiple factors. Those who have allergies are more likely to suffer from eczema, and it is often believed to be hereditary. If you suffer from eczema, it is important that you try to distinguish what your triggers are so you can take the proper steps to avoid them. Sometimes the cause of eczema can be as simple as your skin becoming irritated by the type of soap you use, others still do not know what causes their eczema to this day!


EXeczema® was created by Dr Harley Farmer to bring health and happiness to those who suffer from eczema. His book, What is eczema? A path to ending the misery, has already helped countless people around the world take control of and manage their eczema. This book is living, breathing evidence that eczema can be beaten, so if you would like to learn for yourself how you can manage your eczema, then you can download Dr Harley’s book for FREE here. You can also discover more about eczema on his website.

What is eczema?… focuses on preventing eczema rather than curing it, as this tends to be easier, cheaper and can save you a lot of misery. If you would like a more in-depth and thorough learning experience, then Dr Harley also offers Explain Eczema, a digital programme which includes 7 videos that will help you understand what causes eczema whilst providing you with the knowledge of how to prevent it. If you have any questions about EXeczema®, you can reach out to Dr Harley here.