“What we found was shocking. The stress levels in burned-out parents were higher than those of people in severe pain” was the headline of a January 2021 New Scientist article.

Stress increases cortisone levels, thus reducing the ability of skin cells to make special fats to form the moisture-retaining skin barrier. When the barrier is deficient, more water leaves the skin and this creates the sensation of dry skin. Dry skin has invisible micro-cracks. All of this is medical fact and part of normal human life; it happens to everyone.

The Irritants Found In Common Skincare Products

Problems arise if certain moisturisers are applied to the dry skin as the chemicals in these moisturisers penetrate the invisible skin cracks.

In eczema-prone people, the penetrating chemicals irritate the skin, which leads to red, itchy patches. Further application of the irritating products induces Atopic Eczema. The person will then be caught in “The Eczema Trap”.

If more of these irritant products are applied to the eczema, they will maintain the inflammation; maintain the red, itchy symptoms. Hence my phrase “Product Maintained Dermatitis” to explain Atopic Eczema.

Burnout And Covid-19

Now consider the COVID-19 pandemic. Burnout parents are severely stressed about damaged skin.

The World Health Organisation is still telling us to use alcohol sanitisers. Applying such a solvent to already damaged skin causes harm. The alcohol makes it worse, increasing the stress.

If you want to kill the coronavirus on skin, this can be done with alcohol-free skincare products, preferably mild ones which allow the skin to heal itself. Such products are already used around the world and the WHO should know about them.

People are stressed enough in this pandemic without adding the insult of applying alcohol solvents to damaged skin.

The same goes for stressed children with eczema.

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