Every year in the UK, atopic eczema is diagnosed in 140,000 babies in their first year of life. The misery for children suffering with eczema is understandably very hard for any parent to witness and being unable to help the situation can cause great discomfort.

The use of various strength steroid creams and moisturisers, and the following of different skincare regimes, can seem all too familiar for the parents of children with atopic eczema, with positive results so often being temporary, if visible at all.

Are you the parent of a child with atopic eczema?

EXeczema® are proud to launch our new digital learning product – Explain Eczema.

Explain Eczema

Explain Eczema is a learning tool we use to share medical facts from peer-reviewed medical articles with the parents of pre-teens with atopic eczema. These parents have not been shown these medical facts before and, as a result, are being given exclusive access to a vast array of exciting new knowledge. It is this very knowledge that allows these parents to gain a real understanding of their child’s individual eczema – what it is and what is causing, and then maintaining, this condition.

Once these parents discover the cause of their child’s eczema, they gain a new, but simple, choice – to continue as they or to do something different.

A different outcome will not be achieved with the help of physical skincare products, and this is something we actively stress in Explain Eczema. This difference comes from the knowledge and understanding gained as a result of investing in this extraordinary digital learning product.

With this new knowledge and understanding, the parents of pre-teens with atopic eczema are able to set the scene to watch their child’s skin heal itself. Neither we nor the parents end the eczema; it’s the child’s skin that does it when allowed.

Download Explain Eczema For £49

Explain Eczema is available to download for £49 from execzema.com now!

You must be logged in to purchase our new digital learning product and you can register via the ‘Explain Eczema’ page on our website. Just click on the Explain Eczema button.

Explain Eczema is also accessible to teenagers and adults who are suffering with eczema, and they can certainly gain a valuable insight from this informative content. However, in contrast to pre-teens who rarely have other skin conditions compounding their eczema, teenagers and adults with eczema do often suffer from additional skin conditions. This is something we are not equipped to address so we guide teenagers and adults with eczema to expert clinics. When they go to those clinics it’s very useful to know the information gained from Explain Eczema.

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Would you like to learn about and understand your child’s eczema and their skin? Head to execzema.com where you can purchase Explain Eczema today!