Maintaining good hygiene practices is important at all times and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this is essential. For healthcare workers with occupational dermatitis – which is caused and then maintained by the various powerful products being used for hand hygiene and routine hygiene tasks – using the wrong products can have several repercussions.

Dr Harley’s company, NewGenne, supplies leading hygiene products to hospitals and other clinical and medical settings around the world. Healthy skin on the hands of healthcare workers is vital in the battle against infections and this is why NewGenne first decided to develop a range of products that can be used for everything from hand hygiene to regular cleaning tasks.

Unlike the strong products that can cause the skin to become dry, which can then lead to atopic eczema, NewGenne’s products allow the skin on the hands of healthcare workers to heal. In fact, it was via supplying NewGenne’s products for use by healthcare workers that Dr Harley originally found his answer to atopic eczema.

Now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many other businesses, such as retailers and restaurants, are looking to improve their hygiene practices by using NewGenne’s extensive range. With this increase in popularity and demand, NewGenne have launched a product bundle that enables the consumer to save massively on both money and plastic.

Introducing NewGenne’s Antimicrobial Enviropack – The Refill Trio…

The Refill Trio

Thanks to NewGenne’s Antimicrobial Enviropack, you can purchase its High Level Disinfectant (Concentrate) – which is a lot nicer than its name suggests – alongside an Antimicrobial Cleanser – which offers unrivalled versatility – and the justifiably popular Foam Hand Rub – which delivers the ultimate quick-fix hand hygiene solution throughout the day.

This effective, versatile and environment-friendly multibuy allows you to replenish your supplies time and time again with the 1 litre Concentrate enough to refill 100 bottles of Antimicrobial Cleanser (500ml) and 50 Foam Hand Rub bottles (500ml).

Antimicrobial Cleanser

NewGenne’s Antimicrobial Cleanser is a product like no other and can be used to clean, sanitise and disinfect everything from hard and soft surfaces to equipment and hands. In medical settings, this spray is even used to prepare the bed for the next patient.

Just as it’s logical and safe for healthcare workers to use one simple and effective product to carry out all of their personal and routine hygiene tasks, the same is true for everyone else.

NewGenne’s Antimicrobial Cleanser passes the EN 14476 test, which means that it can kill membrane-bound viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus, and is gentle enough for use by those with the most sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

Saving Both Plastic And Money

Improve your hygiene practices whilst doing your bit to reduce plastic use and make a huge saving in the process with NewGenne’s exceptionally economical and chemically compatible Antimicrobial Enviropack – The Refill Trio which is available on their online shop for just £30+pp.

Skin Should Be In Happy Balance

By using hygiene products that are free from chemicals and ingredients such as alcohol and chlorhexidine that can adversely affect your skin, you can ensure that your skin remains in happy and healthy balance.

You can learn more about NewGenne, their work and their leading range of hygiene products by visiting their website.

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