Dr Harley’s Values


That’s what I’ve inherently done all my life. I cared about others; especially for those I felt were not being adequately cared for by the establishment.


I have a weakness in that I trust people. Very rarely I’m proven wrong yet I’ve always preferred to keep doing it.


I spend a lot of time examining the options and having decided which is most beneficial, I grasp it with confidence and conviction.


I had no inherent desire to lead anyone. Then someone asked me a piercing question. “If I was going my way anyway, was it my concern if others chose to follow?” I battled with that one for some time until I realised I was favouring another word.


So much energy is wasted in being exclusive. If our values align, let’s combine our resources.


Prevention is better than cure — it’s also easier, much cheaper and saves a lot misery.

However, we have a problem if we want to associate the words eczema and prevention in a public forum like this website. To present that association of words here would be to make a medical claim. The latter is a legal entity and under Code 12.1 of the advertising standards, making such a claim without having published medical evidence to support it is illegal.

If that sounds daft to you, let me reinforce the fact that we triggered a Formal Investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority by associating the words eczema and end on a website. Whether we were ending eczema or not was irrelevant in the eyes of the authorities. They have their boundaries to protect and if we want to discuss eczema we have very strict limits on which words and phrases we can use. For those who feel inclined to doubt this, and for those who relish checking details, have a look at complaint A19-1043453 on asa.org.uk to see it is real.

The result is we are not allowed to help people prevent or end eczema in this public forum. That saddens me yet you can rest assured the EXeczema® campaign continues on your behalf as we CAN use any of these prohibited words in private discussions with doctors and especially dermatologists.

So you will not see us referring to prevention of eczema on this website, yet you can be very confident we are actively doing so with dermatologists. Some are actually so excited with the effect we are having on Atopic Eczema that they are keen to conduct medical trials to repeat our results in a medical setting. When those results are published we will be able to use words like prevent and end on this website. Please be patient while we work on your behalf behind the scenes.

We know prevention is better than cure so why do we ignore it?

Eczema provides a good example. It often begins with a simple area of dry skin. When people apply a moisturiser and that results in a skin rash they become caught in the eczema trap which I call Product Maintained Dermatitis. Those first two words are the clue — Product Maintained. Something caused the initial dry skin so prevention is already failing. When product applied to the area of skin turns it into eczema, we may be prescribed products which manage the inflamed skin. So many of us have personal experience of that perpetuating eczema.

When it’s Product Maintained Dermatitis, if you eliminate the product there’s nothing to maintain the dermatitis. Then the skin heals itself, so no “cure” is needed. That natural balance is how people use the knowledge taught in the EXeczema® programme to remove the cause of their eczema. The skin can then heal itself as skin is prone to do when the cause of a problem is removed. During that self-healing process you are likely to find comfort in using the cosmetic EXeczema® products to cleanse and moisturise the skin.

Listen to the stories of many people who’d been told they would always have eczema. Now they’re living lives in balance with beautiful skin and want to actively share their personal stories. We need to be very careful that those sharing their stories do not make medical claims on our website. So until our work has been replicated by dermatologists and published in the medical press, you will not be able to see some of the most enthusiastic endorsements. The ‘system’ is silencing them.

Success Stories

About eczema

Eczema is a very common condition which has been plaguing people for many years. There are numerous ‘working level’ definitions of eczema yet there seems to be a lack of agreement regarding the condition.

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Why is eczema so common?

Have you ever wondered why eczema is so common? Try counting the number of ingredients in many skincare products. They’re listed on the label and it can be 15, 20 or even more!

Some are fine, but if the skin feels it’s being challenged with too many chemicals it can only react with a skin rash. That’s the warning sign and further use of such products progresses the rash to eczema. The skin is doing the right thing to protect the person against the chemical challenge.

The chemicals are the problem; the inflammation is the correct protection response. Simple, wouldn’t you agree?

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About Dr Harley

I was raised in the Australian outback where you learn to keep everything in balance if you wanted to live. It’s a harsh environment where prevention is better, safer and easier than cure. One way or another, that environment can kill you if you fail to prevent; and it has a lot of choices ranging from massive crocodiles to huge deserts to lethal snakes and spiders! You learned to care for those around you so everyone stays alert and alive.

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